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Checking in with Miz B

Looking around it seems that San Francisco is on the up and up for the 2011 Spring Season. This week is the Lunar New Year and as we ring in the Year of the Rabbit I stop to wonder how my good friend and local jewelry designer, Leila Radan is doing.

For those of you who do not know Lil’ Miss Leila, you will be pleasantly in awe of her multi-talented self. She is a model, jewelry designer, yoga teacher, actress, wife and mother. She is a fantastic asset to San Francisco fashion culture and a person whom createSF can not seem to live without. Her fearless take on bold colors, accents and weighted gems leave us wanting more everytime.

Lucky for us we got a chance to catch up with her in her busy life to ask her about 2010 and how she feels about the uplifting 2011. Check out what she had to say:

What was 2010 like for you and your business?
2010 was an interesting experience… I can’t quite think of another word! My jewelry line was actually born out of the gonna-go-stir-crazy-sitting-here-doing-homework-with-two-kids-&-not-accomplishing-anything-of-my-own-as-I-sit-the-hours-away frustration of some of motherhood’s duties. I naively thought that I’d make jewelry, partake in jewelry parties either organized by me or thrown for me by friends and, voila, easy money-making bonus on the side!

Somehow I became friends with Irene Hernandez Feiks (a woman that I just ADORE and love to pieces) who invited me to partake in the year’s first Chillin’ where I met Kate Knuvelder who enlisted me as both a designer and model for Visage, a fashion show she was putting together (where YOU modeled for me and where we met!) and, from there, I was led down a very unexpected path that added much flavor and spice to my year.
2010 held much chaos and pain in other aspects of my life and having had that outlet to leave motherhood and wifehood at home and every once in a while go play as a model and designer was very therapeutic for me and very much needed.

My jewelry line, in 2010, was born out of a need to fill a creative void. That having been satisfied, it’s now time for more…

What are your 2011 resolutions?
I haven’t really made any resolutions. I pretty much live my life on a day by day basis, always hoping to be the best I can be in that moment in space and time… hoping to be open to the universe, open to releasing my loooong list of wants and allowing for their manifestation into my life in whatever way they are meant to come to me…

Where can we see you in 2011?
I don’t know! My goals/hopes/wants for 2011, as far as my line Miz B is concerned, is to focus on nurturing the business aspect of it. It’s time to make money, to procure a rep, to take things beyond the San Francisco market into New York and LA and beyond… now what will indeed happen and how is beyond my control! I am in it for the ride and the joy that is to be found within the journey itself.  Here’s hoping that it be a magical one!

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Want more?? We do too!!

Below we have posted a few links for you to get a hold of Miz B herself.  If you are interested in any of the pieces shown above, please contact Leila Radan directly to discuss pricing.

We will be promoting her fashion shows and new jewelry right here on CSF, so stay tuned for upcoming deets!

With lots of fashion-y love,
Ashton Miyako
Co-Founder of createSF